“Originally Elizabeth and I were planning to get married at the end of 2023. At the beginning of the year, I realized I could not wait that long! I also didn’t just want to go to the courthouse because that sounded boring, and not very Carlos-like. So I decided to throw her a surprise ceremony. I love making Elizabeth’s dreams come true and she had always said that her ideal wedding would be one where she got to pick out the dress and then just show up. So that is why I decided to throw her a surprise Paper Signing Celebration! She had no idea that by the end of that day she would be Mrs. Chavez. I just told her to put on a fancy dress because I was taking her somewhere special. I invited a small group of friends to gather at the top of the Denver Clocktower to surprise her. When she showed up, I asked her “Elizabeth, will you marry me right here right now?” She said yes! This was just our Paper Signing Ceremony. We still plan to exchange our vows in September 2023 in Santorini, Greece to make it more official.”

April 29, 2023
Historic Denver Clocktower
Denver, CO