We have always written our own script, so it makes sense that when it comes to joining our lives together we would be creating our own traditions.

elizabeth and carlos 2023


From the beginning we have set out to cultivate an intentional relationship that is safe and supportive of both of our growth. Part of that means examining rituals and traditions, and deciding how or if they fit into our story. Knowing that we wanted partnership and feeling ourselves to be already united spiritually, we decided to move toward legal marriage. Deciding whether or not we wanted to have a large wedding celebration was another matter. Many of the traditions that belong in a wedding are not for us (although they bring joy to many people, and that is wonderful!). However, we did want to mark the transition to this new phase of our life in a memorable way. Therefore, we have crafted our own unique path and would like to invite you, our friends and loved ones along on our journey. Instead of one singular day of celebration, we will be ‘in ceremony’ for the next few months, with several small events in multiple locations throughout the world.

elizabeth and carlos 2023

how you can celebrate with us

Leave us a toast

Please fill out the form provided on this website like you would give a toast at a traditional wedding, we would love to receive your well-wishes and love!

Attend an event

Stay tuned to this site for our upcoming events that may resemble bachelor/ette parties, bridal showers- with our usual twist. Expect the unexpected!

Plan an event

Feel free to designate yourself a member of the ‘wedding party’ and plan something.

Visit us

This website will be updated to include open house dates when we will be receiving guests at our home in Chelem Yucatan, and we would love to see you there!